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Incheon City Info

Incheon South Korea can be best described as the metropolitan city and a major seaport on the west coast of South Korea, near Seoul. Incheon map has its geographical location at 37°29′N 126°38′E. Now Incheon city has become an important city because its location makes it a good harbor. The city’s port was founded in 1883, the city, then was called Chemulpo, which had a very small population of only 4,700. The city has now grown and is now home to almost 2.5 million people, which is under the control of one of the two Free Economic Zone Authorities in Korea, which is aimed at attracting foreign investment. The Incheon city is targeting to turn itself into a financial and corporate nucleus along with the Busan-Jinhae Free Economic Zone Authority. Incheon map has it’s boundaries of an area of 964.53 km², of which 21 percent is rice paddies and another 44 percent is forested.

Incheon South Korea located on the beautiful west coast of the Korean peninsula, is a historic town with many cultural relics.  Incheon South Korea is sometimes referred to being a part of the greater Seoul metropolitan area due to its close distance of the capital Seoul and the Seoul Metropolitan Subway is linked to the Incheon Subway system. But Incheon city is, a major city in its own right and politically also it has a separate jurisdiction from Seoul.

Incheon city is famous for its soccer side Incheon United, and it was also one of the venues for the 2002 Football World Cup. The city coast has numerous islands, of which some still are uninhabited but is center for many Seoulites who visit here on the weekends to enjoy fresh fish and visit the islands.

A visit to the Incheon South Korea by the tourists would leave them amazed at the city’s beautiful and vast islands. Ganghwa Island and Yeongjong Island are famous tourist points. Ganghwa Island is an island in the estuary of the Han River, on the west coast of South Korea is a popular The Island’s highest point is Mani-san, 469 meters above sea level. Yeongjong Island is an island off the west coast of the city of Incheon and Gyeonggi-do, South Korea. The island is a part of Incheon Metropolitan City's Jong-gu district. It is an exclave of Jong-gu, as it can only be accessed by a bridge that connects to Seo-gu. It is best known as the home of the Incheon International Airport, built largely on reclaimed land between Yeongjong Island and Yongyu Island. In addition to the airport, the island is known for Eulwangni Beach on the west coast, the Haesoopia Spa on the south, the seafood market and the Yongguksa Temple.

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