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Kurye City Info

Kurye Korea is a city which is located at the western end of Sobaek Mountains and to the northeastof Jeollanamdo.  Kurye city map link ups with three provinces alongside five cities and counties. Kurye Korea has cities Ha-dong, Gyeongsangnamdo to the south, Gokseong-gun to the west, Suncheon, Jeollanamdo, to the south-west, Gwangyang to the south-east and Namwon, Jeollanamdo to the north. Kurye city map covers total area of 440.12㎢, with 77.8% of this covered by mountains and a further 15.5% occupied by cultivated land. The population of Kurye Korea has been put around 33,614, with the population divided into 7 myeons and 69 dongs and ris.

Kurye Korea is a city which has a wealth of natural places in and surrounding areas. Kurye attraction has beautiful villages, valleys to farms for the visiting tourists.

Sansuyu Village: Sandong-myeon, located below the ridge of Mt. Jiri, is famous for cornus officinalis (sansuyu). It is situated 16 km away from Gurye County Office and includes 48 villages and 4,500 people. It is a typical farm village. Yellow Sansuyu flowers bloom in full between valleys and the stone walls of Sangwui village below Manbokdae. Sangwui village is spread throughout with Sansuyu trees and accounts for 30% of the national Sansuyu production thus giving it the name of Sansuyu village.
 Sumji Tourist Farm: Sumji Tourist Farm is situated among the groups of pine trees from which the Sumjin River can be viewed. The back hill of the farm is connected with Mt. Jiri. There was a temple named Unsuam in the valley where the farm is situated, but now just a temple site remains. This farm is a popular place among the people of Gyeongnam province and tourists from Busan, Masan, and Changwon visit here for sightseeing.

Surak Waterfall: This Kurye attraction is a waterfall located at Sugiri, 4km away from Woncheon village. It is 15m high and creates an elegant sight like silver powder pouring from the heavens. A popular spot among women who visit here to avoid heat and it is believed it is effective for neuralgia, muscular pain and postparturn care, and more over visitors are moved to enjoy the cool water here.

Simwon Sightseeing Farm: Simwon valley is situated in the heart of an area surrounded by Banyabong, Nogodan and Manbokdae. Inside the 800m-virgin forest, the mystery of the world's beginnings dwell. The valley was chosen as the most outstanding environmental preservation zone due to its rich and plentiful wild grass. Simwon is the deepest valley in Mt.Jiri.

Hwasan Sightseeing Farm: This farm is a Kurye attraction located at the mouth of Jirisan National Park and Hwaumsa so that visitors and tourists may come and go continuously. It is a good place to have a comfortable rest free from the busy life in the cities. Mushrooms and wild vegetables growing deep in the mountain are used to cook tasty food: natural song-i mushroom and mushroom stew.

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