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Masan City Info

Masan South Korea is a city in South Gyeongsang Province, situated on the Masan Bay which is about 35 km west of Busan. Masan Korea has the highest peak called Muhaksan which has made it a popular city. The name of the city, Masan, means ‘Horse Mountain’ and this is the reason why many place names in Masan has incorporated the use of ma horse. Masan Korea is divided into Dongs (neighborhoods) like most Korean cities are done. A poluar toursit spot of the city is the Shin Masan, an area which is characterized by its many bars, restaurants, and other forms of entertainment. Besides there is a popular area is Shin-po Dong where the only professional women's baseball team play.

Masan Korea is a coastal city on the southeast coast, which is only just 400 miles from the capital, Seoul. The city has a population of about 500,000 people and Masan Korea leads Korea in manufacturing of key products in electronics and textiles, though agriculture and fishing are also very popular occupation. Being a costal city it’s famous for its wealth of seafood and clean water. Many companies in the city manufacture soy sauce, related products, and alcoholic beverages such as So-ju. Masan South Korea has one of the largest free trade zone enterprises in the world, with more than 90 international and national corporations operating assembly and distribution plants throughout the city and on the outskirts/coastal areas. The city’s landmark Nak-Dong River flows through the heart of Masan city making the city more beautiful. Tourists visiting the city would find easy accessibility by bus and train. A regular bus service runs going to cities outside of Masan, including Pusan. There are many festivals celebrated throughout the year in Masan Korea, including a theatre festival, art festival, and photography festival which is a big draw for the visitors.

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