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Onyang City Info

Onyang city Korea is famous for its Onyang Hot Springs which are the oldest hot spring in Korea. Onyang maps were discovered about 1,300 years old and now are a very popular onyang attraction for tourists and every year over five million visitors visit this place. This city has been functioning as a hot spring for about 600 years. The past of this place shows during the Joseon Period, King Sejong and many other kings came here to rest or treat their illnesses. Hot Springs in onyang city Korea has water temperature at around 57C°, and is hot even among hot springs. It has a high concentration of radium and its alkaline water is both high in quality and quantity. The water is known to be very effective remedy in treating diseases like neuralgia, arthritis, skin problems, liver disease, high blood pressure, and various others.

The healing power of the water and famous quality accommodations nearby has made this Onyang maps a hot property for many tourists. With numerous hotel accommodations around 120 hotels and motels in this area, the city is sometimes known as a hot spring city. Besides the hot springs as the prime tourist attraction Onyang city Korea has other onyang attraction as well. Visitors would find the Sudeoksa Temple and the Onyang Folk Museum. 14m high sitting Buddha found near Cheonan interesting places to visit. Eonyang a large village, in Ulju-gun, which is a large rural district of Ulsan, South Korea is worth visiting. It is located near the Seongnam Nun's Temple and a traditional market is held every 5 days. Anotehr of onyang attraction Eonyang-eup Castle, is worth a visit. It was first built in the Three Kingdoms period and rebuilt in the Joseon Dynasty, and now has been preserved as a historical site.

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