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Ulsan City Info

Ulsan South Korea is a port city and is the sixth largest city in Korea situated in southeastern region of Korea. Ulsan Korea city got its name, for the first time during the 13th year of Taejong (year 1413). Form then onwards Ulsan was promoted to Ulsan-eup on April 1, 1931 and to Ulsan city in June 1, 1962. The city has a population of about one million people and Ulsan city map is located on the south-eastern coast of Korea. The Ulsan Korea is ideally located from Pusan city at just an hour’s distance and besides it other cities are not far from Ulsan to visit including Taegu, and Kyong-ju. 

Ulsan city map enjoys the position of being the industrial heart of Korea as 12.2% of the manufacturing industry of Korea is located in the Ulsan area. Ulsan South Korea has industrial units of light, medium, and heavy industrial complexes on the outskirts of the city.  These units manufacture automobiles, chemical manufacturing, to ship building facilities. Ulsan Korea is also known for being the home to the Hyundai Auto manufacturing plant. Besides, it is a harbor city and has a national airport.

Tourists to the city Ulsan Korea would find the place to be wonderful city from historic places to beautiful valley’s and rivers. Mt. Toham located in eastern Kyongju has creative spirits of the ancient Shilla''s people everywhere. Bulguksa Temple is considered to be the historic Scenic Site No.1. The temple has ancient stone carvings, wall paintings & dinosaur footprints at Chonjon-ri, swimming at Sinmyeong Beach, pagoda and views on Mount Munsu. The Naewonam Valley on Mt. Daeun is worth visiting for its scenic views, beautiful lakes, and waterfalls. The whole of the scenery is just amazing. Located 3 kilometers from Eonyang is Jakkwaecheon stream running from the 1083 meter high Gan-wol Mountain towards the sea. This stream is famous for its clear water, rocks and beautiful scenery and provides with excellent opportunities to the visitors to explore the region.

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